Laura Johnson
Registered Osteopath
Laura Johnson, osteopaths

Laura is delighted to be a part of The Osteopaths of Heidelberg team. Laura uses a combination of osteopathic manual techniques, including soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, myofascial release, and dry needling. When Laura is not treating as an osteopath, she is practising yoga, training at the gym, spending time with friends, or exploring in nature.

Lachlan Nolte
Registered Osteopath
Lachlan Nolte, Registered Osteopath, The Osteopaths of Heidelberg

Lachlan graduated RMIT university with a Bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy). He is extremely excited about joining the team at The Osteopaths of Heidelberg.

Serena Kuo
Registered Osteopath
Dr Serena Kuo, osteopath

Serena completed her studies at Victoria University under the Masters of Osteopathy program.

She is ecstatic about bringing her passion for the practice and for helping others to the Osteopaths of Blackburn community.

Marnie Norfolk
Registered Osteopath
Dr Marnie Norfolk, Osteopath

Marnie is an experienced and passionate osteopath who enjoys treating everybody including the whole family.   She enjoys working with patients to help manage headaches and migraine, back and neck pain, sports injuries, muscle and joint pain, arthritis, sciatica, postural & mobility problems.  She has a keen interest helping with feeding & sleeping difficulties in babies and children.

Peter Parker
Registered Osteopath
Dr Peter Parker, Registered Osteopath

Peter has osteopathic experience with elite athletes, including as Team Osteopath with The Wallabies (Australian Rugby Team).
Peter is a former President of the Australian Osteopathic Association and is the founder of The Osteopaths of Heidelberg and Blackburn and of the not-for-profit charity, UpStanding Kids. He practises at both clinics.


Natalie Maynard
Registered Osteopath
Dr Natalie Maynard, Registered Osteopath

Natalie Maynard grew up in country Victoria, enjoying farm life and the outdoors. Natalie began her academia life at La Trobe University completing a Bachelor of Health Science (anatomy & physiology), continuing on to graduate from RMIT University with a Bachelor of health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) with Distinction. Natalie is part of the team at The Osteopaths of Heidelberg.

Michael Newbold
Registered Osteopath
Michael Newbold, Intern Osteopath

Michael Newbold has completed a Bachelor of Health and Applied Science (Osteopathy). His drive and passion in becoming an Osteopath stems from a love of working with people.  Michael is very pleased to be part of the team at The Osteopaths of Heidelberg.

Lyndon Clarke
Registered Osteopath
Dr Lyndon Clarke, osteopath

Lyndon Clarke grew up in the Yarra Valley and studied at RMIT completing his double degree program in Osteopathy. Lyndon chose to follow the path of Osteopathy based on his family history of holistic health. He values the importance of the individual as a whole and each factor that can contribute to a person’s health situation. Lyndon is part of the team at The Osteopaths of Heidelberg.

Marcus Hopkins
Registered Osteopath
Marcus Hopkins, Intern Osteopath, The Osteopaths of Blackburn

Marcus Hopkins completed his Osteopathic studies at Victoria University with a Masters of Osteopathy. Marcus is extremely excited and passionate to be a part of the team at The Osteopaths of Blackburn.

Shaun Coghlan
Registered Osteopath
Shaun Coghlan, Osteopath

Shaun Coghlan completed his Bachelor of Science and Masters in Osteopathy at Victoria University. He has a strong passion for Osteopathy, and is very excited to be part of the team at The Osteopaths of Blackburn.

Shaun has a keen interest in rehabilitation, and promoting self-health and wellbeing through education and lifestyle changes.

Bryden McGregor
Registered Osteopath
Brydan McGregor, osteopath

Bryden graduated from RMIT University in 2011 after completing a Bac.App.Sci (C. Med. Osteopathy) and a Masters of Osteopathy. He started with massage, and then sports training with athletic and sports teams, such as VFL team Coburg Tigers, among others. Since graduating he has developed and utilises a range of techniques including manipulation, massage, dry needling and stretching, as well as patient education and exercise prescription.

Melanie Longano
Registered Osteopath
Dr Melanie Palermo, Osteopath at The Osteopaths of Heidelberg and Blackburn

Melanie Longano graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) and a Masters degree in Osteopathy with Distinction. Melanie has continued her studies undertaking two dry needling and electro-acupuncture courses and frequently uses these techniques as an adjunct to her treatments. In the future, she plans to undertake a course in clinical pilates.

Nicole Tuminello
Registered Osteopath
Nicole Tuminello, Registered Osteopath

Nicole completed her Undergraduate Degree and Masters in Osteopathy at Victoria University in Melbourne. During her time at Victoria University she learnt how to manage a busy, healthy and dynamic lifestyle and aspires to motivate her patients to do the same. She is very excited to be part of The Osteopaths Of Blackburn.

Stephanie Giddings
Registered Osteopath
Stephanie Giddings, Osteopath, The Osteopaths of Heidelberg and Blackburn

Stephanie Giddings has gained experience managing the health of people from every age bracket and treating severe acute injuries as well as chronic injuries. Her treatments focus on locating the structural and biomechanical causes of injuries and addressing them.

Stephanie has worked in a private hospital in Mumbai, India, alongside renowned orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists. Stephanie has also worked as a football sports trainer – leading to a passion for exercise rehabilitation and further studies in Clinical Pilates.

Daniela De Fazio
Registered Osteopath
Daniella de Fazio, Osteopath

Dr Daniela De Fazio, has been a registered osteopath at our Heidelberg clinic since 2002.

Daniela’s special interests include women’s health, osteopathy and pregnancy and osteopathy for children.

Megan Ferguson
Megan Ferguson, Myotherapist at The Osteopaths of Blackburn

Megan Ferguson is a qualified Clinical Myotherapist with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree.

To Book with Megan go directly through her own website where you can book online or call her directly on 0431 510 123

Sharyn Murphy
Sharyn Murphy, Receptionist, The Osteopaths of Heidelberg
Rebecca Connolly
Rebecca Connolly, Receptionist at The Osteopaths of Heidelberg